Nauka i pravoohorona, 2021, №4 (English version)
Full version (ukr)

Philosophy of rights. Comparative law. History of law and state
Bondarenko Viktor, Semenyshyn Mykola Police Chaplains in Ukraine: History, Essence of Their Activity, Development Prospects
Chysnikov Volodymyr Police Colonel M.M. Polskoi (1931–1985) – The Legend of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Luhansk Region (to the 90th birthday)
Administrative law and process. Financial law
Boiko Ivan Legal Regulation in the Field of Information Security of Minors
Bortnyk Valentyn, Bondarchuk Anna, Zarosylo Volodymyr The Objective Side of a Threat or Violence against a Journalist
Zhukova Yevheniia Purpose and Mission of Public Administration: Legal Aspects
Kolesnyk Victoriia Legal Problems of Counteraction Destructive Information Influences in the Modern Information Space
Lelet Serhii, Pluhatar Tetiana Foreign Experience of the Legal Regulation in Police Management and its Use in Ukraine
Lisnichenko Liliia Locally Produced and Foreign Experience in the Implementation of Strategic Communications through the Public Administration System
Matsko Vita Anti-Corruption Restrictions on Directly Subordinating Related Persons While Serving in the National Police of Ukraine: Problems of Legal Regulation
Myniuk Olena, Kovalenko Oleksandr Legal Regulation of Individuating Means for the Participants of the Civil Turnover of Goods and Services: Comparative Characteristics of the Legislation in Ukraine and the European Union
Myniuk Olena, Krasko Vasylyna Corporate Relations: Scientific Interpretation and Current Judicial Practice
Onopriienko Stanislav Object of Ensuring Information Security in the Sphere of Public Administration
Podoinitsyn Valerii The European Union and the Law of Armed Conflict
Smernytskyi Demian Legal Basis for Financial Provision of the Technical Regulation Sphere
Subbot Anatolii Comparative Administrative Jurisprudence as an Instrument of Europeanization the Science of Administrative Law
Khaliota Andrii Legal Status of Police Officers in Ukraine and Ways of Its Improvement
Tsyhanov Oleh, Rybinska Anna Concepts and Features of Public Administration by the Organs of the System of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Field of Internal Security of Ukraine
Shopina Iryna Community Councils under Public Administration Bodies as Subjects of Democratic Civilian Control in the Security and Defense Sector
Criminal law and criminology. Criminal and executive law
Bahadenko Iryna Particularities of the Detection and Documentation of the Cases of Domestic Violence Committed by Children
Balina Svitlana Activities of Illegal Takeovers and Mergers of Enterprises (Raiding) in Ukraine and the State of Regulatory-Legal Support for Countering Them
Blyzniuk Ihor Types and Methods of Committing Crimes and Other Offenses in the Construction, Reconstruction, Repair and Maintenance of Highways
Lubenets Iryna, Chabaiovskyi Taras Criminological Characteristics of the Child-Offender
Otsel Valentyna Criminological Characteristics of Cases of Domestic Violence (Art. 126-1 of the Criminal Code) in Ukraine
Popovych Volodymyr Terms and Concepts – Neologisms as a Means of Reflecting the Enterprises Merger Raiding Process
Protsyk Liubov, Burbii Anastasiia Foreign Experience of Legal Regulation of Prevention and Combating Domestic Violence and the Possibility of Its Application in Ukraine
Riamzina Alina Sexual Harassment in the Workplace as a Form of Gender-Based Violence against Women
Sakharova Olena Shading and Criminalization of the Energy Sector in the Production, Supply and Sale of Electricity
Svirin Mykola Usage of International Experience in Preventing the Illicit Trafficking of Firearms and Ammunition in Ukraine
Criminal procedure and criminalistics. Judicials expertises. Investigation and search operations
Ponomarenko Alla Hearsay Evidence in Criminal Proceedings: Problems of Domestic Theory and Practice