Nauka i pravoohorona, 2022, №4 (English version)
Full version (ukr)

Philosophy of rights. Comparative law. History of law and state
Budzynskyi Mykola, Aleksandrov Mykhailo, Bakal Vitalii, Vashchuk Nataliia State-Legal Aspects of the Development and Approval of the Symbolism of the MIA of Ukraine
Irkha Yurii Determinants and Types of Gender-Based Violence
Nikiforenko Volodymyr, Kukin Ihor State Border Guard Service of Ukraine: Main Stages and Perspectives of Development
Chysnikov Volodymyr, Lelet Serhii, Alieksieieva Olha, Kozhuhar Oksana, Yakubchyk Tetiana Law Enforcement Agencies of Ukraine: From the Declaration of State Independence to the Revolution of Dignity (August 24, 1991 – February 2014). Chronicle of Key Events
Administrative law and process. Financial law
Dolzhenkov Oleksandr, Pluhatar Tetiana, Lelet Serhii Administrative and Legal Regulation of Police Cooperation with Local Authorities and the Population under Martial Law in Ukraine
Matsko Vita The National Police of Ukraine as a Subject of Preventing and Counteracting Corruption
Prykhodko Vadym Administrative and Legal Means of Ensuring Road Safety in Ukraine: Reality and Prospects
Riadinska Valeriia, Tokarieva Kateryna, Kozakova Iryna Anti-Corruption Prohibition on the Use of Official Powers, Position and Related Opportunities: Legislative Gaps
Smernytskyi Demian, Tryhubenko Maryna Experience of Foreign Countries in the Organization and Legal Regulation of Scientific and Technical Activities
Criminal law and criminology. Criminal and executive law
Bahadenko Iryna Status of Criminal Offenses among Minors for the Period 2017–2021: Analysis and Perspectives
Blyzniuk Ihor Features of Detection and Prevention of Criminal and Other Offenses in the Process of Road Repair and Operational Maintenance
Bochek Oksana Gender-Based Violence in the Realities of Russia’s War against Ukraine: Legal Aspects
Kozak Ivan Determinants of Organized Crime in Ukraine during the Period of Martial Status
Repik Ihor, Bova Andrii Seasonal Changes in Road and Transport Accidents in Ukraine: Structural Differences
Sakharova Olena Features of Detection and Prevention of Criminal and other Offenses in the Process of Conducting Electronic Auctions for the Sale of Electric Energy
Khalota Andrii Legal Aspects of Using Modern Technologies in Preventing Criminal Offenses by the Police
Criminal procedure and criminalistics. Judicials expertises. Investigation and search operations
Movchan Anatolii, Kozii Vasyl Fundamentals of Investigation Crimes Regarding Illegal Possession of Cryptocurrency
Novytskyi Andrii, Punda Oleksandr Peculiarities of the Investigation of Criminal Proceedings on the Facts of Committing Corruption Offenses
Ponomarenko Alla Peculiarities of Completing a Pre-Trial Investigation of Criminal Offenses
Juridical psychology and pedagogy. Psychological support of law-enforcement activities
Ostapovych Volodymyr, Barko Vadym Personal Characteristics of Police Officers as a Component of Professional Aptitude for Activity
Protsyk Liubov, Burbii Anastasiia Analysis of the Regulatory and Legal Provision of Psychoprophylactic Work in Bodies of the MIA System
Holovko O.M., Havrylenko O.A. Secrets of the Special Services’ Activities on the Ukrainian Territory: History in Personalities. Review of the monograph by Yarmysh O.N., Bernadskyi B.V. “Knights of the Cloak and Dagger” (Ukrainian History through the Prism of Special Services)