Nauka i pravoohorona, 2021, №2 (English version)
Full version (ukr)

Theory and philosophy of law. Comparative law. History of law and state
Chysnikov Volodymyr, Lelet Serhii, Kobets Maryna, Alieksieieva Îlha, Kozhukhar Oksana, Yakubchyk Tetiana Law Enforcement Bodies of the Ukrainian State (April–December 1918): Chronicle of Main Events
Administrative law and process. Financial law
Anheleniuk Anna-Mariia Legal Aspects of Provision of Women’s Social Needs in the National police of Ukraine
Bahadenko Iryna, Zubatenko Olena The Legal Support îf the Use of the “Green Room” Methodology and the Child-Friendly Rooms
Boiko Ivan The Concept of Intellectual Property Rights: Legal Aspects
Bulychev Andrii, Bulycheva Nataliia, Hrushchenko Olena Implementation of the Principle of Gender Equality in the Activities of Military Formations in Legal Norms: Foreign Experience
Podoynitsyn Valerii NATO Legal Staff Training
Riadinska Valeriia, Dmytryk Olha, Kobylnik Dmytro Legal Uncertainty of the Procedure of Interruption (postponement) of Qualification Evaluation of a Judge as a Factor of Non- Transparency of Such Evaluation
Smernytskyi Demian Technical Regulation: Regulatory Legal Acts and Regulatory Documents
Tryhubenko Maryna Foreign Experience of Legal Support of State Regulation of Scientific Activity
Tsyhanov Oleh, Rybinska Anna People’s Police of China: Features of Organizational Structure and Tactics of Activity
Criminal law and criminology. Criminal and executive law
Denysov Serhii, Kovalenko Nataliia Evolution of Criminal-Legal Regulation of Responsibility for the Desecration of the Grave in the Criminal Code of Ukraine 2001
Korystin Oleksandr, Tsiupryk Ihor, Svyrydiuk Nataliia, Prokofieva-Yanchylenko Dariia Risk Assessment of the Development of the Criminal Justice System of Ukraine
Krasnikov Serhii Criminal and Legal Counteraction of the Activities of International Terrorist Groups and Organizations
Lubenets Iryna Foreign Experience of Domestic Violence Prevention
Maliarenko Volodymyr The Role of the Prison Subculture in the Determination of Terrorism
Nenia Olena Use of Special Knowledge in Criminal Proceedings
Riamzina Alina Measures to Combat Domestic Violence During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Criminal procedure and criminalistics. Judicials expertises. Investigation and search operations
Havryliuk Liudmyla, Loha Valentyna, Havryliuk Vladyslav Legal Consequences of Declaring Evidence Inadmissible
Ponomarenko Alla Recognition of Evidence Inadmissible in the Criminal Procedure: the Experience of Central Asian Countries
Juridical psychology and pedagogy. Psychological support of law-enforcement activities
Barko Vadym, Kryvolapchuk Volodymyr Theoretical Approaches to the Development of the Belbin’s Questionnaire of Group Roles for Use in Law-Enforcement Agencies
Kovalchuk Alla, Kvashuk Dmytro Quantitative Assessment of the Scientific Potential of Scientific Institutions of Ukraine
Ostapovych Volodymyr, Pampura Ihor Professional Aspects of the Official Activity of the Police Order of Security of Cargoes and Mobile Objects of Police Security