Наука і правоохорона, 2013, №4 (англійська версія)
Права людини
Проценко Т. О., Логвиненко О. І. Freedom of beliefs and their free expression: foreign experience
Долгий С. А. Theoretical and legal characteristics of the constitutional law of citizenst to the liberty of assosiations
Адміністративне право і процес
Криволапчук В. О. Administrative and legal support of a legality in the system of liability of the criminal militia employees
Смерницький Д. В. Subjects of an administrative and legal support of incorporeal rights
Циганов О. Г. Lacks of modern practice of rendering of administrative services in the sphere of internal affairs
Кобко Є. В. Tectological approaches to the activization of the management of the organs of internal affairs during the emergency situation of anthropogenic character
Кримінальне право та кримінологія
Багаденко І. П., Левківська О. П. Problem of the improving of normative and legal acts in the field of use of “green rooms” during the questioning of children
Zablotska O. Y., Кобець М. П. Criminal and legal protection of a person: Pro et Contra
Кримінальний процес та криміналістика. Оперативно-розшукова діяльність
Федотова Г. В., Климчук В. П. Foundementals of carrying out of secret investigation activities and investigation and search operations in modern legal field
Григорчук Є. В. The concept of the procedural and legal position of a witness in legal procedure of Ukraine
Журба А. І. Emergency of guiding factors of the legal proceedings of Ukraine
Фінансове право та податкові відносини
Білоус В. Т., Ковтун В. М. Legal nature of financial sanctions, applied for breaking of the tax legislation
Чайка В. В. Nonexpert system of taxation: modern trends of legal regulation
Михалчич В. А. Several issues of regulation of the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of tax avoidances between Ukraine and PRC
Козієнко І. С. Forming and development of the American model of venturing
Тарабановська О. О. Fines as a type of non-taxable proceeds of local budgets and the system of its administration
Цивільне право
Музика Л. А. Intrasectoral category “money” in the field of a civil and financial and legal policy
Лазько О. М. Expert conclusion as means of proof in civil process
Міронкін О. В. Generalities of the juridical protection of the right to common property
Юридична психологія та педагогіка. Психологічне забезпечення правоохоронної діяльності
Котляр Ю. В. Algorythm of the analysis of professionally important qualities for police offecers (psychodiagnostic approach)