Nauka i pravoohorona, 2019, №2 (English version)
Full version (ukr)

Theory and philosophy of law. Comparative law. History of law and state
Bondarenko Viktor Freedom of Conscience as an Object of Legal Regulation in Modern Ukraine
Chysnikov Volodumyr Normative and Legal Regulation of Internal (Agenturial) Surveillance in the Bodies of Political Search of the Russian Empire at the Beginning of the 20th Century: Some Discussion Issues of Modern Historiography
Hrechenko Volodymyr, Yarmysh Oleksandr Organization and Activities of the Ukrainian SSR Militia in 1951
Constitutional law. Municipal law
Verbenskyi Mykhailo Ensuring the Freedom of Expression of the Will of Citizens during the Presidental Elections in Ukraine 2019: The Legal Aspect
Administrative law and process. Financial law
Berlach Nataliia Pecularities of State Policy on Restiration State Sovereignty of Ukraine in Donetsk and Lunansk Regions
Bilous Viktor, Stasiuk Oksana Administrative and Legal Guarantees for the Implementation of the Human Rights Function in Ukraine
Kryvolapchuk Volodymyr Preventive Activities of the National Police of Ukraine in the Current Legal Sphere
Protsenko Тaras Forming and Implementation of Gender Equality Policy in the System of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
Riadinska Valeria, Koller Yurii, Dikhtiarenko Kyrylo The Concept of Monetary Metals and Their Ratio with the Category of «Bank Metals»
Soldatenko Oksana Restoration of State Sovereignty in Selected Areas of the Country: Policy Approaches and Scientific Rationale
Tsyhanov Oleh Types of Police Service in Ukraine and Organizational and Legal Sypply of Their Provision
Criminal law and criminology. Criminal and executive law
Drozd Valentyna Inadmissibility of Disclosing Information of Pre-Tial Investigation as a Precondition for Achieving Criminal Proceedings Objectives
Zarosylo Volodymyr Ordanized Crime in the Modern World and Ukraine: Forms, Types and Changes
Korystin Oleksandr, Sobkо Hanna Methodological Basis for Understanding the Phenomenon of "Violence" in Criminal Law
Kulyk Oleksandr Criminal Situation in Ukraine: Modern Trends
Martynenko Oleh Police Work under Conditions of Deocupation: Foreign Expeience and Criminogenic Challenges
Myslyvyi Volodymyr Road Safety Crimes and Extreme Necessity
Muzyka Anatolii Special confiscation under the Criminal Code of Ukraine: Scientific and Practical Commentary
Popovych Volodymyr Methodology of Terminological and Conceptual Reflection of Criminogenic Processes in the Sphere of Economy
Svyrydiuk Nataliia Rationale of the Concept of Anti-Criminal Intelligence of Law Enforcement Agencies in Ukraine
Fedotova Hanna, Lisnichenko Liudmyla State of Scientific and Theoretical Development of Problems with Prevention of Plundering and Robberies
Juridical psychology and pedagogy. Psychological support of law-enforcement activities
Barko Vadym I., Barko Vadym V., Kyriienko Liudmyla Development of a Ukrainian-Speaking Questionnaire on Tolerance to Uncertainty for use by the National Police of Ukraine
Bortnyk Nadiya Trends of improving the terminological apparatus of administrative and procedural theory (Review of the monograph by Ternuschak M.M. on the topic: "Legal nature of the administrative process in the context of public administration")