Наука і правоохорона, 2014, №1 (англійська версія)
Адміністративне право і процес
Криволапчук В. О., Клименко В. М. Analysis of administrative and legal bases of the activities of the State Security Service MIA of Ukraine
Смерницький Д. В. Subjects of an administrative and legal ensuring of incorporeal rights
Герасименко О. В. The secret as an object of legal relations in the informational sphere
Дудник О. В. Several aspects and modern state of the prevention of children’s road traumatism in Ukraine and abroad
Євчук Т. В. Mekhanizm of an administrative and legal regulation of the control of the public prosecutor’s office after the activities of the organs of internal affairs
Заросило Н. В. Bases for the classification of normative and legal acts
Живицька Л. І. Court as a tribunal, authorized to try the cases about administrative infractions
Кримінальне право та кримінологія
Горох О. П. Discharge of service sentence, connected with the termination of the period of limitation of an execution of serving service (several issues of court practice)
Азаров Д. С. An account of the gravity of the crime when sentencing, with use of article 69 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ( as a result of judicial practice)
Міронкін О. В. The ways of juridical protection of the right to common property
Права людини
Плугатар Т. А. International and national legal bases of the regulation of the human right to personal privacy
Левківська О. П. Several aspects of implementation in Ukraine of the positive foreign experience to prevent torture and ill-treatment with people in police organs.
Кримінальний процес та криміналістика. Оперативно-розшукова діяльність
Мовчан А. В. Actual issues of the obtaining of investigation and search information under modern conditions
Гаврилюк Л. В. Several features of the application of electronic devices during pre-trial investigation
Фінансове право та податкові відносини
Рядінська В. О. Legal problems of the taxation of natural persons incomes from fees for the use of funds involved in the deposit
Бухтіяров О. С. European trends of the financing of systems of social maintenance
Психологічне забезпечення правоохоронної діяльності
Підюков П. П., Дронова О. С., Мазур С. Л., Бобко Т. В. Psychological training in the work with the employees of the bodies of internal affairs
Котляр Ю. В., Чабайовський Т. В. Analysis of service discipline and legality in the units of internal affairs bodies
Сторінки історії
Кожухар О. В. Organizational and legal bases of the creation of the 4-th divisions of people’s commissariats of internal affairs under the conditions of World War II