Наука і правоохорона, 2020, №1 (англійська версія)
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Цивільне право та цивільний процес. Сімейне право. Міжнародне приватне право
Токарчук Л.М. State Family Policy of Ukraine: Current State and Prospects
Господарське право. Господарське процесуальне право
Минюк О.Ю., Сокол В.О. Mediation as a Progressive Way of Resolving Economic Disputes
Адміністративне право і процес. Фінансове право
Алєксєєнко І.В. State National Security in the Face of the Threat of Bioterrorism: Strategy of Counteraction
Базан О.В. Concept and Nature of the Administrative Legal Entities of the Protection of Environment
Бакал В.П. Resourcing of Policemen: European Experience for Ukraine
Бойко І.В. Certain Aspects of the Legal Regulation of Donbas De-ocupation
Басова І.С., Минюк Д.І. The Role of International Organizations in the Field of Protection of Internally Displaced Persons
Веселов М.Ю. Administrative and Legal Mechanism to Ensure the Functioning of Juvenile Justice
Заїчко К.В. Subjects of Public Administration in Communication Sphere in Ukraine
Косілова О.І. Right to Dignity in the System of Rights and Freedoms of Human and Citizen in Ukraine
Литвин Н.А., Литвин О.В. Administrative Liability as Part of the Mechanism for Combiting to Offenses Road Safety Offences
Лелет С.М. Concept and Content of Administrative and Legal Regulation of Management in the National Police of Ukraine
Минюк О.Ю., Андросович В.С. Features of Securities Management in Ukraine
Онищенко С.М. Legal Culture of Realization Right to Peaceful Assembly: Current State and Prospects for Development
Пантелеєв С.М. Public Discounts on Goods, Services, Public Wins, Prizes, Premiums, Bonuses as "Permitted" Gifts for Police Officers
Приходько В.І. Guarantees for the Provision of Transport Discipline in the Context of Administrative and Legal Prevention of Transport Accidents in Ukraine
Самусь Є.В. Administrative and Legal Status of the Bodies of the System of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Authorized for Carring Out Technical Regulation Functions
Ткачук С.П. Public Purchases in Ukraine: Legal Analysis of Innovations in Current Legislation
Христинченко Н.П. Conceptual Frameworks for Reforming the Social Insurance System in Ukraine
Циганов О.Г. Optimal Models for Resolving the Armed Conflict and Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories in Donbas
Кримінальне право та кримінологія. Кримінально-виконавче право
Бондаренко М.С. Characteristics of Subjective Features of Crimes by the Art. 321 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine
Бурбій А.В. Information as a Subject of Crime, Provided in Part 1 of Art. 158 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine
Ірха Ю.Б. Issue of the Constitutionality of a Judge's Criminal Liability for Making a Knowingly Wrongfull Decision
Кіріленко Ф.О. Crimes Related to Traffic Violations in 1960–2018
Кіріленко Ф.О., Марценко В.Є. Frauds Committed in Ukraine in 1960–2018.
Лубенець І.Г., Толочко Г.В., Наумова І.В. Internet Risks and Threats to Minor Users: Criminological Aspect
Лисенко А.М., Лисенко І.В., Перевалова Л.В., Гаєвая О.В. Informational and Analytical Provision of Operational and Search Operations of the National Police of Ukraine
Мартиненко О.А., Блага А.Б. Transitional Justice for Ukraine: Criminological Aspects of Implementation
Ніколаєнко Т.Б. Features of Implementation of Criminal Liability Exemrtion due to the Legal Regime Change in the State
Долженков О.Ф., Плугатар Т.А. Special and Criminological Measures for Juvenile Delinquency Prevention in Ukraine
Попович В.М. Criminological Characteristics of Crimes: Theory and Methodology of Formation, Directions of Development
Свірін. М.О., Давидова М.М. Interaction of Bodies and Subdivisions of the National Police of Ukraine with other Entities in the Field of Drug Crime Prevention
Федотова Г.В. Features of Legal Regulation of the Category "Criminal Offense"
Кримінальний процес та криміналістика. Судова експертиза. Оперативно-розшукова діяльність
Гаврилюк Л.В. Some Features of the Procedural Order of Appealing against Decisions, Actions or Inaction of the Investigator, Prosecutor during the Pre-Trial Investigation
Інформаційне право. Право інтелектуальної власності
Веселова Л.Ю. Updating of Information Security and the Global Cyber Threat
Юридична психологія та педагогіка. Психологічне забезпечення правоохоронної діяльності
Бабенко В.Г., Пампура І.І. Features of Psychological and Pedagogical Training for Individual Tactical and Special Events Conducted by the National Police of Ukraine
Остапович В.П. Psychological Peculiarities of the Driver’s Activity of the Security Police Response Team
Бригінець О.О. Review of the Monograph by Smernytskyi D.V. "Scientific and Technical Activities: Administrative and Legal Regulation in Ukraine"
Кузьменко О.В. Review of the Monograph by Veselov L.Yu. "Cyber Security in a Hybrid War: Administrative and Legal Principles"
Кулик О.Г. Review of the Monograph by Sobko H.M. "Mental Violence: Criminological and Criminal Law Principles of Counteraction"
Музика А.А. A Word to the Patriots of Ukrainian People